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  • Can I reserve a seat on a train after booking?


    Hello, the current stores are mainly on-site waiting locations. If you have any reservation requirements, please call the store to inquire: (02)2731-6086, thank you.

  • May I ask the opening hours?

    • Sunday to Thursday 11:30-22:00 (last order at 21:30)
    • Friday and Saturday 11:30-23:00 (last order time 22:30)

  • Do you serve vegetarian food?


    The vegetarian meals offered in this restaurant are all egg-to-lacto vegetarian meals.
    [Main Meal] Indo-style curry vegetables with naan oven scones (original, sesame, pesto butter, coriander cream), Indo-style curry vegetables rice
    [Small points] Fried vegetables, Malay golden crispy potatoes
    [Drinks] Basically all beverages are available (pulled tea and Milo contain condensed milk)
    [Desserts] Crispy tartar cake, chocolate banana pancake, Momo Chacha (condensed milk ingredient)

  • What payment methods are supported?

    Hello, cash, credit card (visa, master, JCB...), and payment methods are provided on site. You can show it before checkout, thank you.

  • Can I bring pets?

    Yes, bringing animals into the store must meet the following requirements:
    Pets need to be placed in a pet stroller, or placed in a pet box, bag or cage as required. Pet boxes, bags or cages are regarded as belongings. Each piece must not exceed 165 cm in length, and the sum of length, width, and height must not exceed 220 cm. The head, tail, and limbs of the animal must not be exposed, and must be fully packaged, and there is no risk of feces or liquid leakage.

  • Is there limited time for meals?? Do you have a minimum charge?

    Hello, the meal is limited to 90 minutes, and the consumption is $90 per person. This restaurant requires a 10% service charge.

  • Facility Rental Services

    Hello, we currently do not provide charter services on holidays. Please provide the following information to or private news 【MAMAK檔】星馬料理 3 working days in advance for booking during weekdays.
    1. Name:
    2. Contact number:
    3. Date and time of booking:
    4. Number of people:
    5. Activity content: such as: birthday parties, group dinners, celebration banquets, etc.
    6. Special needs: such as: vegetarian food, chef's performance... etc.
    The store can accommodate about 40-50 people, and there will be someone who will explain the budget and the way of booking. Thank you.

  • Do you provide children's chairs or children's tableware?

    Hello, the MAMAK stall provides children's tableware and seating facilities, please inform the service staff in advance, we will prepare for you, thank you.